Ultimate Guide to Marketing for Wholesalers

Does your wholesale business need marketing?

Whether your wholesale business is just getting started or you have been wholesaling for some time, there’s a place for marketing in your operational plan. Are you looking to increase sales or build your brand? Do you want to grow your network of suppliers or expand your business? If you said “yes” to any of these, wholesale marketing can help. Wholesale marketing is all about promoting your goods to retailers or other buyers for the purpose of securing wholesale orders.
And a successful marketing plan doesn't have to be complicated—remember, the easier your marketing strategy is to explain, the easier it will be to execute. The most important thing is to actually have a plan versus attacking marketing with the proverbial ‘uncooked spaghetti’ approach, where you simply throw some tactics at a wall and see what sticks.
The Ultimate Guide to Marketing for Wholesalers

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Does wholesale marketing work?

The short answer is “yes.” “Does marketing actually work?” is a common question posed by many business owners. It’s usually asked because they have recently sent out an email newsletter, run a Facebook campaign, purchased a display ad, or exhausted their entire marketing budget, and got no results. The truth is though, that any wholesale business can be successful with marketing and compete effectively with their competitors. You just need a marketing plan that is well thought-out, consistent, and targeted to your ideal customer.

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