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Everything you and your customers need

B2B Ordering Portal
A complete B2B ordering portal where your customers login to see your product catalog, your price lists, place orders, and communicate with you.
Sales Rep Portal
A complete rep portal where your reps can login, add new customers, manage existing ones, and add orders. The reps access is controlled by admin users.
Admin Dashboard
Your B2B dashboard for adding products, managing price lists, customers, and orders as well as seeing reports and communicating with your customers about their orders

Why B2B Wave?

Build your ecommerce portal fast
With our fast rollout and unparalleled onboarding procedure, your B2B online store can be up-and-running in less than 24 hours.
Cut down on your expenses
Perplexed about your ROI? Our cloud-based solution costs up to 75% less than most on-premise solutions.
Expand your business
Cut down the time you spend in taking in orders, monitoring your inventory, and processing invoices, for focusing on what really matters: expanding your business.

How It Works

Customer Reviews

"Easy to Use. Extremely Versatile. Super Fast. Fantastic Support!"
Jason Horsford, Manager
"Great Product!
Even better customer service!"
Steven Rubin, Manager
"Our customers keep raving about it! Easy to set up and the team is helpful"
Pascal Bedard, Manager

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B2B Wave is a user-friendly software that allows B2B wholesale distributors and manufacturers to easily set up their ecommerce platform, accept orders online, communicate with their customers and boost their sales.
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