B2B Wave features

Everything you need to build a world-class wholesale website and order management portal.


Your domain

Use the subdomain we provide you, or connect your own custom domain.

Your colors

Customize the website by modifying the colors to fit your brand.

Your logo

Customize the website by adding your logo.

Your language

B2B Wave currently supports 10+ languages apart from English: Simplified Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. We're adding more each year.

Homepage banners

Customize the promotional banners each customer sees when they log in to your online B2B commerce store.

Additional pages

Add additional pages, such as News, About Us, Terms & Conditions, etc.


Your customers can search for products using exact names, keywords, close matches, or brands.


Import & export products

You can easily import and export products using the provided templates.

Product configuration

You can configure your products’ details and specifications.

Measurement units

You can add measurement units in different formats.

Product variants

You can add different types of product variants, such as colors, sizes, shapes, and more.

Inventory management

You can set the inventory status of each product, enable backorders, limit availability, set availability by date, and more.

Product brands

You can organize your products by brand so that your customers can use brand filtering to search for products.

Product feeds

Get a product feed URL that displays all your products as a spreadsheet.

Private products

Hide products from certain customers.

Privacy groups

Hide products from specific groups of customers, or make them visible to just one group.

Featured products

Set products to appear in the featured products section on your website so that your customers can easily find them.

Private product categories

Hide certain products categories, or make them visible to specific customers only.

Product reports

Monitor the performance of each product through detailed product reports.


Price lists

Set custom price lists for different customers based on negotiated rates.


Display the MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) next to the product so that your customers know how to price it correctly.

Tax rates

Set multiple tax rates for different types of customers and geographic locations.


Create coupons so that customers can apply special pricing during the checkout process.


Define discount rules for specific products and customers, and add specific time periods, if applicable.


Order status

Create the right order status that matches each order workflow.

Order history

Both you and your customers can view order history and easily track past orders.


Your customers can quickly place full or partial reorders in just one click.


Enable backorder options for specific products.

Saved orders

Your customers can save their orders and complete them later if they wish.

Order reporting

Monitor the orders you receive through detailed order reports.


Quote requests

Enable quote requests for your accounts so that your customers can request quotes in one click.

Quote status

Adapt the quote status to match your quote workflow.

Quote email notifications

Send quotes by email through the platform, including PDF quotes.

PDF catalogs

General PDF catalogs

Your customers can generate simple PDF catalogs in one click.

Customized PDF catalogs

You can generate custom PDF catalogs by selecting exactly what product information and which products and product categories you want to appear in them.


Customer profile

Add all the necessary information for each of your customers, including their company information, shipping addresses, and more.

Customer shipping options

Enable custom shipping options for specific customers.

Multi-users per customer

Each customer can have multiple users who can access the portal to place orders.


If your customers have an approval process, they can create sub-customers who need to request approval for placing orders from the customer's admin users.

Price lists per customer

Create personalized price lists per customer that match negotiated rates and any special volume discounts or other agreements you have with them.

Homepage per customer

Customize what each customer sees when they log in to ensure you promote the right products to them.

Tax rates per customer

Create custom tax rates for each customer based on their profile, location, and more.

Discounts per customer

Apply discounts to specific customers based on special agreements you have with them.

Show/hide products

Select which products should be active for each customer.


Full-fledged API

Sync orders, products, categories, status, customers, price lists, tax rules, and more.

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