B2B Ordering Portal

The portal where your customers login to see your products and place their orders
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Private access
  • Only approved customers have access to products
  • Product prices per customer
  • Product & category access by customer
  • Personalised product discounts per customer
  • Personalised product suggestions per customer
Online product catalog
  • Fully branded with your logo and colors
  • Promoted category banners visible upon login
  • Product search by title, code, category, and subcategory
  • Browsing and viewing offers per category or per product
View detailed product pages
  • Description text and image gallery for each product
  • Embed product videos from external sources
  • Ability to attach PDFs or other files
  • Set multiple product versions
Quick orders and re-orders
  • Easy ordering process
  • Full or partial re-ordering
  • Add your own fields on order confirmation
  • Allow customers to use multiple delivery addresses
  • Limit minimum order quantities per product
Payments and integrations
  • Accept or not online payments
  • Accept online payments with Paypal, Stripe & Authorize.net
  • Directly create invoices on QuickBooks Online & Xero
  • Use our API to build custom integrations
Message your customers
  • Exchange order related messages with your customers
  • Send marketing emails to your customers
  • Update customers on order status and shipping costs
  • Create your own email templates
  • English, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish
  • Works on all devices with a modern browser: Desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Single & multi-currency support. Create different price lists and assign them to customers
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Admin Dashboard

The dashboard where you manage your products, customers, and orders
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Create customer accounts
  • Add new customers/edit existing ones
  • Invite new customers by using their email
  • View detailed reports per customer
  • Allocate customers to specific price lists
  • Set product privacy settings per customer
Add your products and content
  • Import your products
  • Set unique codes, categories, and subcategories
  • Add product descriptions, images, and variants
  • Add supporting documents (product manuals or certificates)
  • Set minimum order quantities and customize price lists
  • Add optional pages: About us, news, contact, terms, etc.
Configure your price lists
  • Define multiple price tiers for your customer segments
  • Define currency per price list
  • Customers can see only assigned price list
  • Manage multiple Sales Tax / GST/ VAT rules
  • Add recommended retail price to products (RRP)
Set your discount rules
  • Product discounts based on quantity or date
  • Category discounts
  • Customer discounts
  • Coupon code discounts
Manage your orders
  • View all your customers' order summary and details
  • Send and receive messages about a specific order
  • Send automatic order status notifications
  • Create printable PDF pick lists
View your reports
  • Track your monthly sales
  • Review your customers and sales reps performance
  • Review your products sales
  • Custom reports upon request
Integrations, tools, and exports
  • Google Analytics and conversions integration
  • Export and import your data in various file formats, including .xlsx
  • Interact with accounting systems, CRMs and inventory management tools through our API
  • Create and download your product catalog in PDF format
  • Export order details directly to Xero or Quickbooks Online
  • Custom integrations upon request
The easiest way to manage your orders

Sales Rep Portal

The portal where your sales rep can login and manage their customers and their orders
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Customer accounts
  • Sales reps can create new customers
  • Customers assigned to one or more sales reps
  • Customer information accessed only by assigned sales reps
Create and manage orders
  • Place orders on behalf of customers
  • Modify orders for assigned customers
  • Generate reports for sales
  • Use desktop/laptop, tablet, or smartphone for taking orders

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