QuickBooks Online Integration

When you sync B2B Wave with QuickBooks Online, you save time and increase data accuracy. Get your B2B eCommerce orders through B2B Wave and create invoices or sales estimates in a snap!

Available with all B2B Wave plans

Here's how the B2B Wave and QuickBooks Online integration works:

Orders to Invoices or Estimates

  • When a new order is placed, B2B Wave automatically transfers the order details (customer, products, discounts, shipping costs, etc.) directly to QuickBooks Online.
  • This automatic data transfer then triggers QuickBooks Online to create an invoice.

Products and Inventory

  • When you change the stock quantity of an item in QuickBooks Online, the inventory level of that product in B2B Wave is automatically updated.


  • When a new customer is added and an invoice is created, B2B Wave automatically transfers the customer details directly to QuickBooks Online.
  • The customer’s name, email, and company name are used to check if the customer already exists in QuickBooks Online.
  • If the customer does not already exist, a new customer profile is created in QuickBooks Online.


  • When an order is marked as paid in B2B Wave, that status is automatically updated in QuickBooks Online by creating a payment to the corresponding invoice.
  • When an order is marked as paid in QuickBooks Online, that status is automatically updated in B2B Wave.

Importing customers and products

  • Import your QuickBooks Online items to B2B Wave.
  • Import your QuickBooks Online customers to B2B Wave.
  • Notify your customers only when your B2B portal is ready.

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