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4 B2B ecommerce mistakes to avoid

The path of B2B ecommerce holds a few twists and turns. We present to you the biggest slip ups to look out for when taking your business online.

The epic battle: B2B vs. B2C ecommerce

House Lannister vs. House Stark; cats vs. dogs; Marvel vs. DC – the struggle is real. And in business terms the new rivalry is B2C vs. B2B ecommerce.

Online-resistant B2B buyers: How to convert them to ecommerce

89% of B2B customers make their purchases through sellers that offer ecommerce options– yet how do you deal with that 11% that remains offline?

3 things to consider when setting up your B2B pricing methodology

Pricing is a puzzling decision for any wholesaler and distributor. Read on to find 3 valuable tips that will help you decide on your methodology.

Why B2B ecommerce is an opportunity for medical and pharmaceutical wholesalers

More and more smart medical and pharmaceutical wholesalers are digging into B2B ecommerce solutions – here is why their interest has sparked.

Why Food distributors should start using a B2B ordering solution

Food distributors may be taking all B2B ecommerce with a grain of salt. B2B ordering solutions can make your sales process more profitable.

Using the right domain name for your B2B portal

Finding yourself wondering on which domain name you should use for your B2B online store? We’ve got a few ideas that will make your decision easy

B2B Ecommerce: How do I start and how long does it take?

Setting your B2B portal may seem like a topless mountain. Our step-by-step guide is designed to help you set up shop effortlessly and effectively.

B2B Wave receives Rising Star & Great User Experience awards

B2B Wave awards by FinancesOnline. Great User Experience award & Rising Star Award for 2017. The leading B2B ecommerce solution for small businesses.

4 steps to organizing your product categories

Whether you are new or old to the B2B ecommerce universe, here’s all you need to know to keep your product categories organized. See our guide.

7 sources to increase your product catalog

Finding reliable suppliers and new products to sell can be very hard. So we gathered here 7 high quality sources for finding suppliers effortlessly.

Why wholesale ordering platforms are replacing print catalogs

As you move your business online, you'll need to digitize your print product catalog. But is that a smart move or should you stick to the print one?

Switching to B2B ecommerce: Easier than it sounds

With almost 67% of wholesale businesses accepting orders online, you may ask yourself if you also should get your own B2B portal. Let's find out.

6 Ways to Onboard Customers to your B2B Ecommerce Portal

Got your B2B online store all set up? Here are a few tips on how you can make your business’s transition to digital easy for your customers.

5 Steps to Developing Your B2B Sales

Finding customers is down right challenging. In this post, we are looking at the key steps you need to follow for developing your sales today.

How to Get the Most out of B2B Email Marketing

Email marketing can generate new sales, increase your order volumes, and build your brand. Here is what you need to know getting started with it.

6 Ways to Build your Wholesale Brand on Facebook

As B2B marketers start to embrace social media, we share with you 6 ways to use Facebook, to benefit your wholesale business.

5 Smart Steps For Writing Product Descriptions That Sell

Whether you sell frozen cookie dough, towel rails or car parts, read our full guide about writing product descriptions for your B2B ecommerce portal.

52 Terms Everyone in Wholesale Should Know

Here are all the key words, abbreviations, and phrases used in the world of offline and online B2B commerce.
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