Using the right domain name for your B2B portal

Jane Mc Arthur
March 14, 2018
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Finding yourself wondering on which domain name you should use for your B2B online store? We’ve got a few ideas that will make your decision easy

And so it all comes down to a name. You decided on switching your business from offline to online, you have made a decision on which software you will be using to set up your B2B ecommerce platform, and you are about to start filling the digital shelves of your store. Yet, there is one little “detail” that may be bothering you in this entire process: choosing the right domain name for your ecommerce site.

Indeed, this choice is one of the most important decisions wholesalers face. After all, your domain name is part of your wholesale business’s brand. In addition, your B2B portal’s domain name should be short, relevant to what you are offering your customers, and finally easy for them to memorize and pass it along when recommending your business to potential prospects. Below you will find three tips that will help you set your mind on which domain name you should use for your B2B ecommerce platform.

Option 1: Creating a dedicated subdomain for your online B2B store

Scenario in case: you are a manufacturer that sells both to wholesale businesses and to consumers.

Even more, so far you have been taking your B2B orders offline, while your brand’s website allowed B2C customers to make their purchase. As you’re setting up your B2B ecommerce platform, it is normal to wonder how you will be able to set your B2B and your B2C activities apart. Good news: you can use a wholesale-driven subdomain, which you can share exclusively with your wholesale customers.

Here are a few examples for naming a dedicated subdomain:  


Linking to your main website

You may already have a website on which you present your B2B business and products. In case you have just decided to start taking your orders online, you don’t have to let go of this site.

Instead, you can simply link your B2B portal to your existing website and redirect your prospects and customers to your ecommerce subdomain. The link can be appear anywhere on your current website: from your main menu to your footer. The choice on how discreet you want to be about it is all yours.

Option 2: Showing your B2B store on your main domain

Scenario in case: you want to use your B2B portal both as a website and as an online ordering system.

Things could not get any easier in this scenario: with the right ecommerce software, you can use your main domain name for setting up your digital store where you can present your products and catalogs publicly. This way, both your existing customers and potential prospects will be able to access your online store, browse through your catalog, and place their orders easily once they have logged in or registered. In this case, you can use the name of your business or product for your domain.

What happens to your price lists, if your B2B site is public?

You may be reluctant to make your B2B portal public for many reasons. For example, you may wonder if this means that you need to streamline your pricing for all customers - whether VIP or not. A smart B2B ecommerce platform allows for flexibility.

In fact, on B2B Wave product prices are invisible in public  and are only shown to users who have logged in to your site. Also, all products are by default private - yet you can easily change the default setting through your admin dashboard and make them visible and accessible to the public eye.

SEOmething to remember

When it comes to choosing the right domain name, it is important to keep in mind that long domain names may fare well in terms of SEO because they allow you to generate more keywords, yet they are easy to forget and very often misspelled. In other words, choosing a long domain name for your B2B portal may turn out to be ineffective. So, it is important to keep your domain name short (i.e. under 25 characters) and simple.

Ready to name-drop

B2B Wave allows you to link your existing website to your online B2B store, use a dedicated subdomain strictly for your wholesale business, and create your public online B2B ordering site. Click here to start your 30-day free trial on B2B Wave and see what the digital experience has to offer you and your wholesale business.

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