5 Smart Steps For Writing Product Descriptions That Sell

Jane McArthur
August 1, 2017
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Whether you sell frozen cookie dough, towel rails or car parts, read our full guide about writing product descriptions for your B2B ecommerce portal.

It is entirely normal for any merchant to worry about them. After all, it does matter what you sell, yet what matters most is how you sell it. And this means that a product description can literally make or break a sale.

In fact, an effective product description can benefit your business in many ways. For instance it can increase your sales and decrease abandoned carts by giving your customers more confidence in buying this particular product from you. And this confidence could also lead to a longer-lasting relationship with your customers as they will have fewer questions or doubts about what they buy from you.

There may not be a recognized formula for writing the ultimate product description, there are certain things that, if put into your writing mix, will drive up your sales. So roll up your sleeves, read on, and let’s get to typing!

#1. Define your audience

Before getting down to writing your product description, it is important for you to define what the buyer you want to target is like. At this stage, you need to consider your buyer: What is their main market? Who are they going to sell this product to? Are they going to use you product description to re-sell your goods (i.e. in their B2C e-shop)? Do your buyers usually make price or benefit-driven decisions?

Keep in mind that you want to make their decision-making process faster and easier – so try to create a product description your buyers will find enticing, interesting, and relevant to them.

#2. Determine what is essential

Writing product descriptions is much like successful story telling: you may paint your product in the greatest prose and words, yet it won’t lead to more sales, if at the end of your copy your customer cannot remember why he should choose your product. Vague product descriptions don’t make the cut. Why? Because they are unmemorable.

Here’s a checklist you should consider before writing your product description:

• Product details. These include like color, variations, dimensions, material, and its key functions.

• Use. When, where and how someone can use your product. Is it seasonal? It is meant for indoor/outdoor use? Are there any extra accessories necessary?

• Competitive advantage. Think why someone would (and should) choose your products over your competitors’ similar offering. Take some time to consider the special qualities and features of your product.

Create a story behind your product: think of the emotions it evokes, the experience it creates, and how it can be best used and consumed.

#3. Be creative

So now it’s time to sit down to write about your products. Bullet points and tables are in a vast majority used to highlight a product’s specs – yet, they’re not entirely effective on their own. Why? Because lists and tables are not the best way to tell a story.

Ultimately, the story behind your product is also a key point of distinction from your competitors. And they way you tell that story is equally important too.

In this respect, adding a short paragraph that helps your buyer realizes how this product can fulfill their and their customers’ needs to the cold list of specs and benefits can do wonders for your sales. Being creative in the world of B2B e-commerce may seem challenging (and even strange!) at first, but soon this will become easier and more fun for you do.

And here’s an easy tip for you to get your creative flow on: imagine you want to describe your product to someone you have just met – whether you describe your product in a casual or formal way, it is this conversational spirit that will get you from writing to storytelling.

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#4. Get that checklist on

Finished writing your product description? Now it’s time to review it. And the reason is this simple: you need to make sure that you have included all the necessary information and you need to edit out the “noise”. The following checklist included all the questions you need to ask yourself when editing each and every one of your product descriptions:

1. Are the most important features of your product highlighted? Keep in mind that your customers need to have a clear idea of what they’re about to buy. So make sure you mention the key specs of your product and that you share with them relevant quality certifications. The latter could work as a great and critical advantage over your competitors.

2. Are you product’s benefits clear to the reader? Your key selling points should be clear and easily identifiable to your buyers.

3. Is your product description clear and relevant? Make sure that your story is clearly defined and that its voice speaks to your audience. For example, if you’re selling cleanroom apparel you would never use words like “sleek” or “fine”. Yet, you might use these words if you’re selling eyeywear or iPhone cases.

4. Is your text engaging, captivating, and readable? Think if your copy is truly focused on your reader. Try to improve your product description by using simple and descriptive words and make sure your sentences are short. And always remember to stay away from generic phrases – they take away from your credibility.

Create a checklist to help you when editing your product descriptions – this way you will boost its effectiveness.

#5. Ask for feedback

Not sure if you have got your product description copy groove on? Here’s one trick to always keep in mind: your clients are your best pool of feedback. So go ahead and ask a couple of your most loyal customers to share their thoughts on your product descriptions.

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