Scale your food and coffee distribution business

Easily make your products available to your customers for ordering and reordering. Scale your business by letting them order through your self-serve B2B eCommerce portal.

5 reasons your customers will love B2B Wave

Set  preferred products

Know what your customers are ordering? Preset their most commonly ordered products so that they can place their orders right from the homepage.

Easy re-ordering

Let your customers re-order past orders just by clicking the "re-order" button.

Delivery date expectations

Are you delivering your products on Monday and Wednesday, or just on Friday? Do you have cut-off times for ordering? We can help your customers select the right day that your products can be delivered.

Delivering to different addresses

Predefine the delivery addresses for your customers and let them select the right one when they are placing orders.

Help them choose the right product

Create extra fields to display additional information like country of origin or self-life and attach PDF documents with certifications (for example Organic, Fair Trade) or ingredients list.

5 reasons you will love B2B Wave

Create different price lists

Control your margins by creating different price lists and assigning them to customers. Customers will only be able to see prices for the price list that they are assigned to.

Different discount rules

A group of customers is getting a better discount for a certain product? Set your discount rules for each price list or customer.

Easy importing and exporting of data

Save your products or customers in an Excel file and upload them to B2B Wave when there are changes. Integrate with your favourite tools or use our API to pull/push updates.

Create PDF catalogs

Select the categories, add your cover page and easily create a downloadable PDF catalog that you can send to your clients.

Let your sales reps do the work

Add sales reps and assign them to your customers. Each rep can only see their customers' order history and place orders on their behalf

Integrate with the tools you already use

With our powerful, ready-made integrations and easy-to-use API, you can make your daily business processes and workflows quicker and more productive.
Sync your accounting, payment, and inventory systems
Connect to 2,000+ apps through Zapier
Build custom integrations using the B2B Wave API

Get helpful advice and learn new trends

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