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Seamless migration from Handshake to B2B Wave

Looking for a Handshake B2B alternative? Switch your Handshake account over to B2B Wave

Features your customers will love

  • Multiple price lists make it easy to set custom price lists for different customers based on negotiated rates.
  • Flexible product discounts allow you to define discount rules for specific products and customers and add specific time periods, if applicable.
  • Customer and sales rep management gives you the opportunity to assign customers to a sales rep and allow sales reps to place orders on behalf of customers.
  • Branding your B2B eCommerce storefront gives your customers a branded, cohesive, and elevated purchasing journey by allowing you to customize the website by modifying the logo, domain, banners, and color scheme to fit your brand.
  • Sales rep app allowing your sales reps to place orders online and offline (Android, iOS)

The #1 Handshake B2B alternative available

B2B Wave is the #1 Handshake B2B alternative for its unmatched B2B storefront,  personalization of the customer's experience, and product pricing features. If you’re looking for a B2B eCommerce platform that will seamlessly migrate your information over from Handshake, we’ve got you covered.

How B2B Wave can help you make the switch from Handshake B2B


Using Handshake's API, we are able to import all of the following data, and your customers will be able to continue placing their orders online.
  • Product information—Your customers will still be able to easily find and purchase all of the products they need
  • Customer information—Your customers will not need to re-register again, but only set a new password
  • Order information—All past order information can easily be migrated over so that you and your customers can easily refer back to order history

File imports

Handshake lets you export your products (including images) and customers. We are familiar with Handshake's export format, and we can help you import your data directly from Handshake file exports.

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