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Features your customers will love

  • Multiple price lists to easily set custom prices for different customers based on negotiated rates.
  • Flexible discounts to set discount rules for certain products and customers and specific periods.
  • Sales rep management to assign sales reps to customers and allow them to place orders on their behalf.
  • Branded B2B eCommerce storefront to offer customers a cohesive and elevated purchasing experience through a website you can customize and modify to reflect your brand identity (logo, colors, banners) and give a custom domain name.
  • Sales rep app (Android/iOS) to allow your sales reps to place orders online and offline.

The #1 TradeGecko B2B alternative available

B2B Wave is the top TradeGecko B2B alternative for its unmatched storefront, personalization, and product-pricing features, making the customer experience effortless and efficient. So if you’re looking for a B2B eCommerce platform to seamlessly migrate your B2B store from TradeGecko B2B/QuickBooks Commerce, we’ve got you covered.

How B2B Wave helps you make the switch from TradeGecko B2B/QuickBooks Commerce


Using QuickBooks Online's API, you can import all the following data to B2B Wave, allowing your customers to continue placing their orders online:
  • Product information - Customers can still find and purchase your products easily. We can import product information directly from QuickBooks Online.
  • Customer information - Customers only need to set a new password to access your new B2B eCommerce platform, no re-registration necessary.
  • Order information - Customers can easily view their order history as we can transfer all past order information to B2B

What happens after migrating to B2B Wave?

B2B Wave seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Online, so after migrating, you can:
  • Import product information from QuickBooks Online to B2B Wave.
  • Sync your inventory and transfer available product quantity from QuickBooks Online to B2B Wave.
  • Create invoices by converting B2B Wave orders to QuickBooks Online invoices automatically.
See a detailed list of our QuickBooks Online integration features here.

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