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How an Online B2B eCommerce Store Can Help You Streamline Customer Communications

How an Online B2B eCommerce Store Can Help You Streamline Customer Communications

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Good communication is one of the crucial building blocks of a successful eCommerce business. It’s at the heart of your company’s relationship with itself, with its external stakeholders, and, of course, with its customers.

Communication is integral to every customer experience, and when you communicate well with customers, your chances of success in business increase exponentially. Good communication with customers can deepen engagement with your brand, increase your share of wallet and boost your company’s reputation. Even something that might seem on the surface as non-communication-focused, such as an online B2B eCommerce order, has many layers of communication attached to it. From the language on your website to the confirmation message in your shopping cart checkout to the email sent to the customer once the order is placed, communication plays a critical role even in automated online ordering.

Tips for Effective Customer Communication in eCommerce

Communication in the eCommerce world is much more than a collection of words — it’s also about understanding psychology and knowing how to deliver the right message at the right time. To ensure your messages are delivered and received correctly, and virtual wires aren’t crossed in the process, follow these basic guidelines:

  1. Follow “netiquette”.

    Netiquette is the correct or acceptable way of communicating on the Internet. Just like etiquette is a code of polite behaviour in society, netiquette is the code of good behaviour on the Internet. In a nutshell, netiquette means:  be polite when passing your message across online platforms; acknowledge the privacy of others; and respect their time.
  1. Use clear, concise language.

    Whether you’re communicating in a video conference, writing and responding to emails, engaging in chats or forums, use proper, concise, clear language. For example, when writing, keep your text simple and to the point. Also, avoid ambiguity and improve the clarity of your message by eliminating extra or irrelevant information.

    To learn more about netiquette, click here.

5 Ways B2B Wave Can Help You Streamline Customer Communications

B2B Wave provides a wide range of ways to help you build stronger customer relationships by managing how you communicate with your customers about orders, shipping, product availability, promotions, company news, and more.

  1. Exchange order-related messages with customers.

    With B2B Wave’s user-friendly B2B eCommerce platform, communicating with your customers about their orders is a breeze. You can choose to send order-related customer messages automatically or manually, such as new order confirmation, order in process, shipping costs, order delivery, and invoicing. And your customers can also send you messages or questions about their orders as well.

  2. Connect with your external email marketing solution.

    B2B Wave makes it easy to support your company email marketing efforts. Whether you choose to export your customer lists in Excel file format, or directly link your B2B online ordering portal to your existing MailChimp account, or use our Zapier integration to sync with another popular email marketing solution such as Constant Contact, connecting with your B2B customers via email is quick and simple.
  1. Personalise the customer experience with live chat.

    According to the American Marketing Association, a live online chat feature boosts conversion rates for B2B customers by 20%. Other sources show that live chat converts 3 to 5 times more customers. With the B2B Wave eCommerce platform, you can include a customer support chat box in your online B2B ordering portal to allow your service team to instantly answer customer questions or concerns.

  1. Customise your email templates.

    From inviting customers to your online B2B eCommerce portal for the first time to confirming a new order to sending an order invoice, the B2B Wave eCommerce platform lets you customise your emails to include your own branding and accurately represent your individual customer service style.
  1. Allow your customers to export their order and product information.

    Do your customers keep knocking on your door requesting a summary of last month's orders or a list of available products? With the B2B Wave eCommerce platform, you can let your customers export their data on their own — it’s quick and easy for them and saves you time.

Ready to Start Building Stronger Customer Relationships?

The landscape of B2B is changing, and the strategic importance of communications is becoming much more evident than ever before. Powerful, effective communication with customers is foundational; without it, few other aspects of a customer’s experience will matter. Think of it as the glue that keeps customer experiences from falling apart. Ongoing communication with your customers is a fantastic way to keep them engaged with your brand and plays a vital role in boosting loyalty and retention. It also puts you in an optimal position when it comes time for your customers to re-purchase your product.

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