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Product Updates - August 2019

Product Updates - August 2019

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B2B Wave Bulletin is our regular update that highlights recent product improvements and updates we’ve made to the B2B Wave cloud-based B2B eCommerce platform so you can easily stay up-to-date with what’s new.

Design:  “Allow to select secondary colour”

Admin users can now select a secondary colour to personalise the color scheme of their website. This feature affects the color of the sidebar, search bar, category buttons, and some of the hover animations.

Audit product and order changes

Care to see when a change was made to a product or an order by your staff or your customers? You’ll now be able to see who did what and when they did it.

Admins can now select who can view changes

Allow to import dropship orders from the admin panel

Allow to define number of items shipped in an order

Admin users and Sales Reps can now enter or edit the quantity shipped through the Orders menu. The new quantity will also be updated in the customer’s order menu.

Add new field to products:  MPN

Admins can now enter a Manufacturers’ Part Number (MPN) for their product. The MPN will appear on the product’s page above the product description.

API:  Update product prices using SKU or internal product id

Want to make API product updates easier? You can now update them based on their SKU, saving you one API request required to get the product id.

Product variants can now have different product images

Admin users can now upload images for each of their product’s variants. Variant photos will appear on your storefront under the product’s main photo and gallery photos on the product’s page.

Allow editing of product price when an order is submitted

Admin users can now edit product prices when editing submitted Orders. The new price will also be shown to customers and on order export.

API:  When customers retrieve product details from the API, they can paginate results to improve performance and response rates

Allow filtering of customers based on their country

Admin users and Sales Reps can now filter companies based on their country (through the relevant dropdown menu) added on the Customers.

Product images are now loaded faster with Cloudinary

Storefront loading has been optimised to load product images more quickly through the use of Cloudinary, a dedicated image delivering content delivery network.

Added Finnish language to the supported languages

The storefront is now available in Finnish.

When Xero invoices are created, use the “Shipping” option that was used in the invoice lines

The customers’ shipping option will now be exported to Xero invoices along with the rest of the invoice information.

When Xero invoices are created, show the discount percentage that was applied to the customer

Each customer’s product discounts will now appear and be exported to Xero along with the rest invoice information.

Quick Guide to Wholesale Discounts & Pricing
Get the full guide

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