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Product Updates - July 2019

Product Updates - July 2019

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B2B Wave Bulletin is our regular update that highlights recent product improvements and updates we’ve made to the B2B Wave cloud-based B2B eCommerce platform so you can easily stay up-to-date with what’s new.

Easier import of customers from QuickBooks Online

All your customers in QuickBooks Online can now be quickly imported into your online B2B Wave-powered eCommerce platform.

API:  Import images to products using a URL

Authorised API users can now upload product images using the “image_url” parameter in the API. These images are featured as the main product image in your storefront.

Improved product search function in your storefront

When customers are searching for products, they no longer have to type in the exact name or SKU. Furthermore, they can also search based on category, description or UPC/Barcode.

API:  Show full category path when showing category information

The “category_path" parameter will now display sub-categories preceded by their parent category and separated by a slash (e.g. "Parent Category/Subcategory”).

Quickly see when the latest order was submitted by a customer

Admin users can now quickly view the date and time of a customer’s most recent order. This information is shown in the “Last Order” column under the Customers menu. Admin users can also filter customers through this menu based on the date of their most recent order.

API:  Assign more than one Sales Rep to a customer

The API now allows admin users to assign multiple sales reps to a single customer. When calling a “customers” request, the “sales_reps” parameter is now a list of texts, where multiple sales reps can be added.

Easily enable or disable “customer registrations”

Admin users can now easily enable or disable customer registrations by checking the “Allow customer registrations” box under Settings -> Profile->Application Configuration. 

Sales reps:  Choose whether they receive email notifications of new orders

Admin users can now manage whether they wish to send new order email notifications to certain Sales Reps. This feature can be enabled or disabled by checking the “Receive email notifications” box in the Sales Reps menu.

Define multiple MSRP price lists in different currencies

Admin users can now assign price lists to the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) value for individual customers. This allows each customer to further customise their product MSRPs. This feature can be enabled or disabled through Settings->Profile->Application Configuration. This feature is quite useful when your customers sell their products in different currencies and you need to specify the MSRP for each currency.

SSO login

If your customers already login through a different system to your company, you can set up your B2B portal to recognise that a customer is already verified and logged in from an existing system, thereby providing automatic login to your B2B Wave-powered portal.

Preload billing details and save card

Customers do not have to enter their billing details every time they enter their credit card information. They can also save their card information for future use (saved to Stripe).

Quick Guide to Wholesale Discounts & Pricing
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