7 sources to increase your product catalog

Jane McArthur
September 26, 2017
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Finding reliable suppliers and new products to sell can be very hard. So we gathered here 7 high quality sources for finding suppliers effortlessly.

1. Makersrow

Here you can browse through 11,000 U.S. manufacturers, both small and big, for finding products that fit your product catalog needs. You can also ask them to help you find the right suppliers in order to save time.

Maker's Row Screenshot

2. eSources

eSources offers verified suppliers from multiple countries, both for traditional wholesale trade and drop shipping. They market themselves as a platform for UK wholesalers only, but they can be used by US, Canadian and other wholesalers as the suppliers you can find on the platform, ship to every country in the world. The company that owns the platform, guarantees the quality of their suppliers as from what they say, they perform some sort of due diligence before the suppliers are added on the platform.

eSources Screenshot

3. WholesaleDeals

Same as eSources, WholesaleDeals is a UK based website, but the difference is that they collect suppliers who already sell on Amazon and eBay and are searching for wholesalers. The suppliers are from the UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Canada, Hong Kong, China, Australia and several other countries.

WholesaleDeals Screenshot

4. MFG

MFG claims to be the world's largest contract manufacturing marketplace and manufacturers directory. In other words, if you want to find and buy directly from a manufacturer, try searching through this website. If you wish to produce something for selling it, they can do that too:


5. Liquidation.com

If you are interested to find shorter term opportunities, you can do that by monitoring liquidating stock which is sold at great prices. This website is one among many similar ones, that offers such products in more than 500 categories.


6. Bambify

Bambify is a fairly newer website that offers a curated directory of manufacturers with live product availability for making it easy and transparent.


7. WorldWideBrands

WWB offers more than 8,000 verified suppliers from the USA, Canada, UK, Hong Kong and China, both for traditional wholesale as well as drop shipping.


Disclaimer: B2B Wave is not affiliated with these companies. Please read carefully their terms and conditions before you engage with them as we don't provide any guarantee for your interaction or transactions with them.

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