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Future-Proof Your Medical Supplies Business with A B2B eCommerce Solution

Future-Proof Your Medical Supplies Business with A B2B eCommerce Solution

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According to ReportLinker, the medical device market is expected to reach an estimated $432.6 billion by 2025.

It is no secret the medical supplies industry has been rapidly growing for some time — aging populations, longer life expectancies, and increasing healthcare costs have been catalysts for ongoing change for years. Further fuelling this rapid growth are the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which have resulted in the global disruption of supply chains; a complete rethinking of public health priorities; and surging customer demand.

The result is what many experts agree is a “new normal” for the healthcare and medical supplies market — a new normal that is likely to remain well after the pandemic is under control.

Embrace the Post-COVID Future with B2B eCommerce

If you want to future-proof your medical supplies business and ensure it thrives in this new normal, B2B eCommerce is a highly effective way of doing just that.

The right B2B eCommerce solution will keep your customers happy, your business happy, and also safeguard your company so it continues to run smoothly, in good times and in bad. B2B eCommerce can help you:

Benefits of B2B eCommerce for Medical Suppliers

1. Sell more

Your B2B eCommerce storefront acts like a 24/7 sales rep for your business — ready and waiting, 365 days a year, to receive and process sales orders at the exact moment your customers are ready to buy. And your online store goes wherever you go, so you can effectively reach new markets worldwide and expand your business. Here are some additional ways the B2B Wave eCommerce platform will help your medical supplies business sell more: 

  • Control what and how much you sell by limiting product visibility based on customer location
  • Customise your online storefront by tailoring products, pricing and shipping to the needs of a specific customer segment
  • Set minimum order quantities per product
  • Offer multiple delivery addresses per customer
  • Quick and easy reorders

2. Sell faster

With a cloud-based B2B eCommerce solution that is mobile-friendly and available 24/7, sales order processing is now quick and easy. And integrating inventory management with order fulfilment means your product catalogs are always up-to-date. The result:  your business will not only sell more; it will sell faster. Have a new product you are anxious to launch? No problem! The B2B Wave eCommerce platform can have you up and running in less than 24 hours with our fast rollout and onboarding procedure.

3. Easier buying process for customers

One of the many amazing benefits of adopting eCommerce is that your customers all around the world can visit your online B2B store 24/7, place their sales orders within just a few minutes, and easily keep track of their order status at the click of a button. That means no more print and fax ordering catalogs or outdated ordering forms! And with B2B Wave, you can also assign your customers a dedicated sales rep who can even place orders on their behalf.

4. Better customer experience

A B2B eCommerce solution allows your business to be visible and transparent with product availability, pricing, order processing and payment options so that you can meet the expectations your B2B customers have and reinforce a higher level of buyer confidence. At B2B Wave, we understand the importance of giving your customers a great online buying experience, and here are just a few of the ways our B2B eCommerce platform does that:

  • Per customer product pricing
  • Per customer product suggestions
  • Per customer product discounts
  • Customisable emails and order-related messages

Seize Your Opportunity to Get A Piece of the B2B Healthcare eCommerce Pie

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, 94% of healthcare B2B buyers were already researching products online, according to a B2B Online report. Since your B2B customers are already searching for your medical supplies online, a B2B eCommerce storefront would act like a 24/7/365 sales rep for your business — always there, ready and waiting to receive and process your customers sales orders at the exact moment they are ready to buy.

Get your medical supplies business ready for the future by planning now. The B2B Wave eCommerce platform will help you stay on top of customer demand; increase sales, both locally and globally; streamline your daily business processes; and reduce your operating costs.

Quick Guide to Wholesale Discounts & Pricing
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